Sunday, May 15, 2016

Narrative Writing

Walt: show a change of time in our Narrative writing
S.C   Use time connectives such as (After , meanwhile, just then, finally, before)

Grace and I tramp through the forest with Ranger, my little dog.  Leaves rustle under our feet as we walk.  Just then we hear a noise so we stop suddenly! I reach out to grab Grace and pull her down to the ground.  Poking our heads out from behind a tree we stare at a tiny house that is built in the bottom of a gigantic oak tree. Flat river stones are placed on the ground up to the front door and an old bridge is the only way over to this little tree house.  

Meanwhile, Ranger opens his eyes wide, lets out a yelp and jumps out of my arms.  Taking off as quick as a snake he galloped over the bridge and up to the front door.  Scratching, until the door opens... Ranger goes inside.  
I gasp! Grace and I take off over the bridge quickly towards the front door.  With our hearts beating faster than a drum, we knocked quietly, hoping that no-one was home.   After a few seconds, I reach for the handle and turn it.  Poking my head around the corner I call out “ Is anyone home”... No one answers.  

After a few moments, we open the door and sneak inside across the creaky wooden floors.  Cobwebs grab our faces as we try and find our way around the darkened house.   A picture frame hugs the wall, I can just make out a little girls image, holding a fluffy teddy bear. Just then, we heard a scraping noise which makes a both jump. I spin around only to be knocked to the ground by Ranger who gave me a big sloppy lick.

Finally, I manage to grab him by the collar, scramble to my feet where Grace and I headed for the door. Quickly we scampered outside, across the bridge and into the forest, running frantically until we are out of breath.   Slumping down next to a tree inhaling heavily.   Leaning down to give Jack a pat on his head, I noticed in his mouth was a small fluffy teddy bear...

Beginning setting and introduce character








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