Sunday, October 30, 2016

Secret Garden writing

Look at my secret garden story starter.  You are going to use it as the start of your story today and build your story around my start.

Try and make your story as entertaining for the reader as possible. I have tried to hook the reader into the story and it is your job to keep them interested in the secret garden story. Think about including what you can see, hear, feel whilst you are in the secret garden and what adventures you may be part of.

Here is my start

The sun pierces through the leaves and onto the glistening grass. Mystery surrounds me. The silence echoes around the trees. Where am I? What have I stumbled across?

I never knew this magical place existed. I had wandered aimlessly past this paddock hundreds of times on the way to Nana's house but I had never been tempted to explore it. Until today.

Slowly I creep further into this enchanting paradise. The birds begin to chirp to the beat of my thumping heart. I am excited about what I might find here. This could be my own slice of heaven. My secret garden.

You can use my slideshow of pictures to help you too. 

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