Sunday, February 19, 2017

Walt: describe a setting in a story

Tramping through the forest appears greenery as far as my eyes can see. Out to the left I spot a house as tiny as a mouse nestled in the base of a gigantic oak tree. At first it feels creepy and seems lifeless. A faded yellow light shines upon the path that leads to a door, wrapped in ivy. Although my heart is racing, I wonder who is inside.

Darkness surrounds the tree house like the night sky. I stare in amazement at the thick roots that wrap their arms around each down the side of the trunk and glide outwards towards a swamp. Flat river stones are placed messily, leading up to the front door.

I feel so curious. Who lives here? I slowly creep over the wooden bridge and tip toe carefully on each river stone to the front door. Lifting my hand, I take a deep breath and …..Knock!

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