Monday, May 29, 2017

zoo writing

Walt:describe our adventure at the hamilton zoo

The golden sun shone down like a hot poker, creating warmth on a crisp winter's day. Autumn leaves danced in the air, as they fell gracefully to the ground.  Animals called out in the distance and we followed the sounds in hope to find out what it was.     SNS students skipped and chattered excitedly as they peered through glass and over gates to spot each and every animal.  

Red pandas scurried after one another quickly, scrambling from branch to branch like a nimble cat.   Their long tails pranced like a snake in the air, for balance   The beautiful autumn trees, was a playground for these fiery balls of fluff  and a place to feel safe.  After a while, the beautiful pandas,  finally slouched like a sloth in the wide branches, panting and resting their tired bodies.  

At the end of a long exciting day watching these amazing animals, we strolled off, leaving them for the next visitor to watch in awe.   It was time to leave these exquisite animals behind, leaving lasting memories in our mind

To be successful our writing needs:
  • adjectives
  • similes
  • metaphors
  • personification
  • interesting sentence starters

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