Saturday, May 23, 2015

"A learning here we go!"..... "A learning here we go!"..... "Hi Ho the merry O!"... "A learning here we go!".....

Song Thrush and Blue Eggs!!

Extraordinary Worms!!!

Little Red Riding Hood!!

Real Art Road Show!!

Our own Nga Mihi started!!

and much much more!!!.........

Our Mini Worm Farms!
Extraordinary - making tunnels in the dirt.
The dirt covered with Winter Leaves.

We chose to read "Little Red Riding Hood" because it had lots of "speech marks" or talking marks in the text.  We were learning to identify the punctuation in the text and read them with correct expression or correct voice.

It was fun having Fou dressed up as the bad wolf pretending to be grandmother!! 

"This is a descriptive picture of a character I chose from a favourite page"  Said Lavelua!

"I chose to do an observational drawing from a page that I liked"  Said Almas.  "I think it's pretty good, if I may so myself!!" 

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