Thursday, July 2, 2015

Character Profile

Today we are writing about our favourite book, tv character.  We have planned what they look like, things they do, what they wear, how they act, and type of person they are.  The students in Room 13 are using the model of Mr Twit to help guide their writing.  Green = Adjectives; pink = verbs; yellow = simile.  

To write a story describing my favourite character using well-structured sentences
To use well-structured sentences in our writing
Success criteria (I will know when I have done it when)
·         … I use adjectives to describe nouns
·         I use verbs to describe what the noun is doing
·         I use adverbs to describe the verbs
·         I use a prepositional phrase to say where this is all happening

Mr Twit
When I look at Mr Twit, he makes my tummy feel squirmy.  His hairy face, sprouts tuffs out of his nostrils and ear holes.  As you know, most ordinary faces generally grow smooth hair, however with Mr Twit, grew spikes that stick straight out like bristles on a tooth brush
When he eats, the food clings to the hairs and stay there FOREVER! Yuck!
If you look close and peer deep into his forest of bristles, you will know doubt see a piece of mouldy cheese or old cornflake. 
He’s a horrid old man.  He plays mean tricks on his wife at home and likes to catch birds for a bird pie ewwww!
Look out when you see Mr Twit. 
You have been warned
Remember to’s: I have used…
Capital letters
Full stops correctly
A variety of sentences (starters hook)
Appropriate adjectives
Appropriate verbs and adverbs
Variety of interesting nouns
Show don’t tell
Similies and metaphors

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