Sunday, March 13, 2016

L.I- To describe of your favourite place.

Balmedie Beach - a time lapse video from David Watson on Vimeo.

Mr Clark's exemplar
Sand crumbles like dust beneath my feet as the sun pounds relentlessly on my back.  The baby blue sky is filled with marshmallow clouds that float aimlessly towards who knows where.  For as far as the eyes can see it is only white and blue. Only the odd sparkle of a sea shell that pierces my eyes with their glittery brilliance disrupts this.  The sand hugs the coastline majestically as the sea gently creeps closer and closer to the dunes behind me.

To my right I can see trees swaying on the hill, almost in time to the music of the birdsong. The sea breeze whizzes gently over me, stroking my face and playing gently with my hair. I can smell the sea, I can taste the salty air on my tongue. I feel alive.  The waves crumple into the shore like white horses steaming through the ocean and I am at peace listening to them crashing clumsily.  This is my heaven. This is where I belong.

Today you are going to describe your favourite place. Think of the things that you liked from Mr Clark's exemplar and use this in your own writing. In writing you can  'BORROW' ideas, words and phrases to help with your own writing.

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