Sunday, March 20, 2016

Imaginative Writing week 8

This week we are going to undertake some imaginative writing. This is extremely exciting writing where you can 'RELEASE YOUR IMAGINATION' and let your mind go crazy, making for some really great descriptive writing.
Release Your Imagination from RealtimeUK on Vimeo.

Mr Clark has used this video to help him to release his imagination and has written this descriptive writing from this.
Grey, white and black as far as my eyes can see. It’s miserable, it’s boring, it’s lifeless. Everyone is trudging to work, marching like soldiers to the sound of the imaginary drum that beats to their banging footsteps. Cars in rows crawl slowly forwards. We are all the same, we are one. It’s raining cats and dogs and umbrellas seamlessly push their way past me without hesitation. No-one cares who I am. I’m nobody.

Crash! Bang! A bump stops me. Colour enters my world for the first time. This is magical. Green, orange, blue, yellow...all the colours of the rainbow fill my soul and breathe life into my heart which is racing a million miles per hour. This is happiness I have never experienced or felt before. This world is coming alive. The colours are taking over and making this dreary land a paradise where my imagination can run wild and free. The clumsy, crazy colours are taking over and fill me with joy and happiness. The world is finally alive.

 Success Criteria-

  • Similes/metaphors- (comparing)
  • Onomatopoeia ( crash/bang- sound the way you say)
  • Hyperbole- exaggeration (raining cats and dogs)
  • Repetition- repeat for impact (see highlighted sentences above)
  • Alliteration- (repeat the same sound or letters)
  •  Short sentences for impact

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