Sunday, April 3, 2016

personified writing

What crazy weather we have been having lately.  This is a great opportunity to write.  These pictures highlight the 4 seasons we are having in one weekend.  


Here is a piece of "personified writing" from Mrs Paterson

As I lay on the comfy couch I hear the pitter patter of raindrops as they flick the window with their fingertips.  A misty cloud in the distance lays a blanket over the hills, diminishing our view. 

Birds begin to disappear and animals clump together as a black thunderous cloud storms towards us as fast as a jet, deepening the sky.  The dusky clouds open their doors and pelt rain to the ground in sudden bursts.   Wind whistles and throws branches as hard as an arrow, scattering leaves all over the ground.  Minutes pass and the storm suddenly disappears.  A vast memory. 

The diamond sparkling sun peaks through warming the land and smiling down upon us.  Baby blue sky appears before us and marshmallow clouds cluster together with a gentle push from the breeze.  Birds flutter out mysteriously from their nests, and leaves push raindrops from their surface.   They wait in anticipation for the next haze of dreary clouds to paint the sky and release tears upon the land.  

Success Criteria.  (For my writing to be successful it should include a variety of) language features such as :

  • Personification (giving a non human object a human characteristic) e.g lay a blanket, wind whistles, open their doors, wind throws branches, leaves push
  • Adjectives
  • Metaphors (saying something is something else) e.g marshmallow clouds, tears, thunderous clouds, diamond sun
  • Similes (comparing using like or as) e.g fast as a jet, hard as an arrow
  • Alliteration  wind whistles
  • Short sentences for impact.  e.g a vast memory

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