Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Deep in the Rain forest...

Read carefully through the cameo below.
What do you notice about the writing?
What language helps to build an image in your mind?
Have their been any language features used?

Your task is to write about the video that you have watched, using the cameo to help you. Think about what you have seen, what is exciting in the video, what is exciting in the writing? Use the writing to help you with your own work, you can use some of the ideas from the cameo and borrow them. 

Deep in the rainforest, wild animals anxiously wait for the games to begin. They lurk out of the trees, glaring and staring towards their destiny. This is what they have been waiting for. Many years of training and hurt have come to this. They want to show the rest of the rainforest their skills, their strength, their determination to succeed. The prize is all they care for.

Animals of all shapes and sizes prepare to take part. This is their moment, this is their shot at glory. Running, jumping, diving around, the fans gather to see their heroes. The Games are about to begin!

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